Author Topic: Engulfed by Politics?  (Read 541 times)


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Engulfed by Politics?
« on: May 04, 2021, 04:06:25 pm »
I was thinking about the old Classical Theism forum earlier...

I feel like, not so long after the old forum disappeared (this may be just my memory misleading me), politics 'caught fire' and started consuming more of my attention and reading time. Rather than discussing A/T metaphysics, it became all about A/T and other brands of political philosophy. I haven't read that much philosophy or theology apart from that in the intervening time.

Since Wokeness took over in the Anglo-sphere the general cultural/philosophical environment seems to have changed a lot; debating with atheists and sceptics on metaphysics and more religious topics has fallen away, things have gone in a completely different direction.

Now I know a lot more about White Supremacy and White Fragility, about Integralism, CRT, epistemic violence, Foucault, Gramsci, De Maistre, Julius Evola... Hegel and the 'Young Marx'.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Re: Engulfed by Politics?
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2021, 10:26:50 pm »
Yes, I haven't read a book on metaphysics in like a year. I actually haven't read a lot this past year save for some dark fantasy. I think the current outrage culture is geared more towards political extremists than religious fundamentalists. Early 2000s to early teens dealt with the emergence of the new atheist movement, and a mass awareness that religion is at odds with the exponentially moving progressive ethos--redefining marriage, radical feminism, etc. Social issues vs the religious conservative had a philosophical backdrop of feuding ideas. One of these feuds was metaphysical in nature, atheism vs theism. But the two bitter philosophical stags of theism and atheism have waned, and the prevailing cultural dialogue is now purely political which in itself has its own creeds, dogmatists, orthodoxy, etc.
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Re: Engulfed by Politics?
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2021, 04:37:59 pm »
Dunno about the Anglo-sphere, it may be a cultural thing. On the old continent, there's still lot of religious talk, not qua metaphysical system ofc. It's more because of the questions about how to manage immigration from Middle-East countries and islamic terrorism.
"Wokeness" is a more and more prevalent thing still.